He who robs us of our dreams robs us of our life.

Referenz: https://beruhmte-zitate.de/zitate/1960530-virginia-woolf-wer-uns-unserer-traume-beraubt-beraubt-uns-unsere/
He who robs us of our dreams robs us of our life.

Referenz: https://beruhmte-zitate.de/zitate/1960530-virginia-woolf-wer-uns-unserer-traume-beraubt-beraubt-uns-unsere/





  Virginia Woolf


Having grown up in a theatre family, Catharina Fleckenstein's path also led her to

the theatre.

After permanent engagements in Bamberg and Dortmund, she worked for several years

as a director at various municipal theatres.

Since the turn of the millennium, she has concentrated on her acting work.

She has appeared in film and television productions and in various theatre productions

in Hamburg. Most recently at the Theatersommer in the Concert Park of the Kulturforum Lüneburg

as Marthe and in other roles in Goethe's "Faust".



Reopening of ‘Faust 1’ in the Schlosspark Bückeburg on 9 and 10 August 2024




Promote learning  · eLearning Film, Director: Alejandro Flores Tapia

Kümmern · Commercial, Director: Lars Timmermann

Fesselnde Kompetenz · Commercial, Director: Paul Gerwien


Fixstern · Imagefilm, Director: Mike Beims

Constellations · Imagefilm, Director: Mike Beims


Perfectly Imperfect · Commercial, Director: The Queen · Dan Lumb and Crinan Campbell

Sad buffet · Commercial, Director: Martin Haerlin


Ein Tag mit Helden · Shortfilm, Director: Jana Böhme und Jacob Jonas

Was geht? · Imagefilm, Director: Daniel Harde

Reliability · eLearning Film, Director: Andreas Burmester


Smartphone Addiction · Shortfilm, Director: Laureen Thews

Pro · Commercial, Director: Matthias Bierer

Piña Colada · Shortfilm, Director: Lara Herchenbach


Getraut · Imagefilm, Director: Georg Blume

Doppelter Genuß · Commercial, Director: Georg Blume


Meckern · Imagefilm, Director: Antoine Dengler


Hochwertig · Imagefilm, Director: Björn Lingner

As easy as winking · Imagefilm, Director: Cedric Stein

Global Players · Imagefilm, Director: Tim Thiel


MiMiMi · Musikvideo Samy Deluxe, Director: Roman Schaible

Der Heiratsantrag · Shortfilm, Director: Philipp Netzlaff


Zuhause · Graduation Film Schule für Schauspiel, Director: Justus Beckmann

Virginity · Imagefilm, Director: Max Luz


Stubbe-Von Fall zu Fall/Mordfall Maria · crime series ZDF,

Director: Peter Kahane


Transparency · Imagefilm, Director: C. Bee

Easy does it · Imagefilm, Director: Ali Jamshidi

Eingedeckt · Imagefilm, Director: Guido Weihermüller


Porzellan · Shortfilm, Director: Katinka Narjes

Kleine Schiffe · Shortfim, Director: Julia Saur

Alignments · Imagefilm, Director: Carsten Minkwitz


News · Imagefilm, Director: Lars Büchel

Das Geschenk · Imagefilm, Director: Guido Weihermüller


Die Pfefferkörner · Series NDR, Director: Andrea Katzenberger

Inventur · Imagefilm, Director: Guido Weihermüller

Wie die Wolken · Shortfilm, Director: Florens Huhn

Ständchen · Imagefilm, Director: Guido Weihermüller

Schulterblick · Shortfilm, Director: Alexander Eisfeld

2020 · Shortfilm, Director: Michael Giehmann


Die Klinik · TV Series-Pilot, Director: Laurenz Schlüter, Maincast

Das Himmelfahrtskommando · TV Series-Pilot, Director: Bianca Jobs


SOKO Wismar · Series ZDF, Director: Oren Schmuckler

Der Prinz von nebenan · TV-Movie RTL, Director: Peter Stauch

Bündnis für Kinder · Imagefilm, Director: Sven Knüppel

Orchester · Imagefilm, Director: Thorsten Harms


Die Anwälte · Series RTL, Director: Züli Aladag

Die Rettungsflieger · Series ZDF, Director: Donald Kraemer

Gentleman · Director: Michael Giehmann

Emily · Shortfilm, Director: Damian Schipporeit

Lindenstraße · Series ARD, Director: Dominikus Probst


Undercover Porno · FILM-UND-50-FESTIVAL Hamburg, Director: Thorsten Harms

Alphateam · Series Sat.1, Director: Wolfgang Münstermann

Die Quassel-Cops · Shortfilm, Director: Thorsten Harms


Stubbe-Von Fall zu Fall/Nina · crime series ZDF, Director: Peter Kahane

U2 · Ultra-Shortfiilm, BITFILM-FESTIVAL Hamburgl, aired: arte,

Director: Thorsten Harms

Anger · Shortfilm, Director: Slide N. Kabaday


Revier 1510 · Series-Pilot ZDF, Director: Wolfram Hundhammer, Maincast

Omnipotent · Imagefilm, Director: Thorsten Harms

Management · Imagefilm, Director: Niklas Hansen


Verstehen · Imagefilm, Director: Peter K. Hertling


Ein Millionär zum Frühstück · TV-Movie Sat.1, Director: Josh Broecker

Kommissarin Fleming und Der Tod durch das Skalpell · TV Movie RTL,

Director: Daniel Helfer


Alptraum einer Ehe · TV Movie RTL, Director: Johannes Fabrick


Shit happens · Shortfilm, Director: Christian Ditter




Faust 1 by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Parts: Marthe, Wagner, Lieschen, Hexe, Brandner

 Director: Gerhard Weber, Konzertpark of the Kulturforum Lüneburg

Mensch Sein · camp experience, war damage and reconciliation

staged reading together with Wolfgang Gellert

Part: Narrator

Director: Franziska Fleckenstein

2017 to 2018

Weichgewicht · Part: Ute Viktoria Kruschke

Concept and Director: Avi Bolotinsky, Gallery Hinterconti Hamburg

2015 to 2016

Im Ausnahmezustand by Falk Richter, Part: Die Frau

Director: Friederike Barthel, Hamburger Sprechwerk im Rahmen der Reihe WORTGEFECHTE

2013 to 2014

Klassefrauen-133 Jahre geballte Frauenpower · Part: Sybille von Schädlich, Director: Daniel Großkämper, Die Burg-Theater am Biedermannplatz

Unter schwebenden Lasten by Bettina Katalin, Part: Helena Parker,

Director: Hans-Peter Kurr, Die Burg-Theater am Biedermannplatz

2012 to 2013

Die Geschäfte des Baron Laborde by Hermann Broch, Part: Agnes Seidler,

Director: Lydia Spiekermann, Hamburger Sprechwerk

Dennis by A.A. Lucas, first performance, Part: Harriett Jones,

Director: Sven Menningmann, Die Burg-Theater am Biedermannplatz

2003 to 2003

Gottes Sohn und Teufels Streitmacht-Der Messias by Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, Part: Ithuriel, Director and script: Franziska Fleckenstein,

Klopstock Festival Hamburg

2002 to 2002

Das Wort JA · Part: Leni Riefenstahl, Script and Director: Michael Batz,

Hamburg Art Ensemble

1994 to 2000

Worked as Theatre-Director

inter alia Theater Dortmund, Landesbühne Hannover, ETA Hoffmann Theater, Kampnagel Hamburg, Schlosstheater Celle, Altonaer Theater, Hauptkirche Sankt Katharinen

Stage productions · selection

Sankt Katharinen Liebesabend by Michael Batz, with Angelika Thomas

Die Woche der Engel · in a team with Michael Batz, Innenstadtkirchen Lübeck

Par une fôret de symboles by Vinko Globokar

Lysistrata by Aristophanes

Tango by Sławomir Mrożek

Unter der Gürtellinie by Richard Dresser, first performance in Germany

Die Hochzeit des Figaro by Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais

Hin und Her by Ödön von Horváth

Miss Sara Sampson by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Mein Kampf von George Tabori

Türsteher by Michael Ehnert, first performance

Vor dem Ruhestand by Thomas Bernhard

Befana und der Weihnachtsengel by Rainer Lewandowski, first performance

Am Samstag kam das Sams zurück by Paul Maar, first performance

1992 to 1994

Firm engagement Theater Dortmund

1990 to 1992

Firm engagement ETA Hoffmann Theater Bamberg



Lectureship at Høgskolen i Østfold, Gamle Fredrikstad · Norway

Lectureship at Statens Teaterskole Copenhagen · Denmark

Co-founder and in the management team of the ensembles Hamburger Theater Mafia and HamBurgEnsemble

Director at Casting Studios of Pedro Solá-Ferrer, Eva Bühner, Sophie Molitoris



U2 · BITFILM-FESTIVAL Hamburg · Subvisions Best Film

Undercover Porno · shortlisted FILM-UND-50-FESTIVAL Hamburg



I was significantly inspired by my stays in Cape Town, South Africa, and

also by a journey to Florence · Italy that I made with my mother

before she died.

There are three remarks, that I have received, that still touch my heart:

One from Hans Heinrich Palitzsch, Painter and Stage-Designer (1912-2005)

>Art is an expression of the soul<

Another one from Marga Rues, Dancer, Choreographer, Director (1926-2012)

>Fulfill what shall be expressed by you<

And lastly from Eckhart Tolle · THE POWER OF NOW

>Who you are is always a more vital teaching and a more powerful

transformer of the world than what you say, and more essential even

than what you do<



2017 to 2024

Ballet and stagedance with Paula Ferreira, Victoria Gonzales, Maude Andrey, Nathan Cornwell, 

Henrike Swobada, Felicia Jackson, Kelly Adamah

Tybas Dance Center

For "brush up" and for special vocal requirements training with Carmen Rutzel

2020 to 2022 Attending the lectures of Eugen Drewermann · Christianity and criminal law.

Judge not!

2012 to 2014

Training with the HamBurg-Ensemble, in particular Sanford Meisner

Technique and Improvisation

2008 to 2008

Sanford Meisner Technique Workshop with Mike Bernardin

2006 to 2006

Two months working stay in Cape Town · South Africa

2004 to 2008

Continuing education speech technique with Ingeburg Honigmann

2002 to 2003

Three month working stay in Cape Town · South Africa

2002 to 2002

Continuing education Hamburger Schule für Sprech-und Schauspielkunst,

Dieter Bartel

1998 to 1999

Camera Acting with Mira Amari

1994 Scholarship holder >Internationales Forum junger Bühnenangehöriger< at the Theatertreffen Berlin

1987 to 1990

Acting lessons and role study with Maya Speth, Munich

Physical exercise with Marga Rues, Munich

Also university studies in theatre arts, German philology and art history

at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich- abandoned in favor of

theatre engagements