By the name of Flecks Time Production the sisters

Franziska Fleckenstein – Scriptwriter, Director, Production Management and Catharina Fleckenstein - Actress, Director, work on projects, they develop and realise together.


In preparation:

"Mensch Sein"

Singen am Hohentwiel, industrial district. Meanwhile a broad field – once a camp crowded with barracks. During World War II forced labourers were brought here and exploited as industrial or agricultural workers.

After the war the camp was used for German prisoners of war.

One of them was our father, who arrived there in winter 1945. He was 21 years old. At the time it was a hunger camp.

Their fate was about to change when in the following spring

Capitaine Jean Le Pan de Ligny took charge of the Depot 231 Bonaparte,

camp de prisonniers de guerre. Under his direction the camp transfigured to a model camp. Thanks to him, the POWs developed optimism and a will to live. Until today the Theresienkapelle (Chapel of St.Theresa), Capitaine de Ligny initiated to build by POWs is a sign of reconciliation and understanding among nations.

Our father was entrusted with the Varieté theatre group. The money they made with their shows around the area of Hegau was used to buy food, cigarettes and even alcoholic beverages for the POWs.

Many years later, Günther Fleckenstein (1924- 2020) wrote down his experiences of that time.

From these notes along with notes from letters of his Co-prisoners the reading „Mensch Sein“ came into being. It will be performed at the 75th anniversary of the Theresienkapelle.  

With Wolfgang Gellert, Franziska Fleckenstein, Catharina Fleckenstein.